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Email the Procurement team if you can't find what you need or require assistance in using these templates.

Consultation on refreshed Government model contract templates

We are seeking feedback on refreshed versions of the Government model contract templates.

This consultation closes on 12 October 2019.

Conflict of interest templates

Refer to the Managing conflicts of interest and confidentiality section of our website for information on when these templates need to be used.

Procurement plan templates

Refer to the Writing a procurement plan section of our website to understand how to use these templates better.

The procurement plan outlines the entire procurement process, from your sourcing plan to your contract term and exit strategy. Check if your agency has their own procurement plan templates before using one of these.

Government model RFx templates

RFx is a generic acronym used to cover an assortment of tender types, such as Request for Quote (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP). Government model RFx templates are standardised templates intended to cover the majority of tenders that an agency undertakes.

Individuals, working for a government agency, who wish to use these templates should check first with their internal procurement or legal team. It is not recommended that you use these documents without seeking advice from these teams.

Refer to the Sourcing your suppliers section of the website on what else you should do at this stage of the procurement process.

Evaluation, negotiation and due diligence templates

Refer to the Source your suppliers section of our website for more information on how and when you can use these templates.

Government model contract templates

Government model contracts have been designed as the default government contract and are aimed purchasing low-value, low-risk common goods and services.

It is up to your agency to determine what constitutes low-value, low-risk common goods and services. This definition is subjective and will depend on the size of your agency and the scale and complexity of your procurement function.

Form 1 templates - Crown

The Form 1 templates have been developed for use by agencies that contract in the name of the Crown (e.g. Her Majesty the Queen, in right of New Zealand, acting by and through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

Form 2 templates - non Crown

The Form 2 templates have been developed for use by any other buyer that does not contract in the name of the Crown.

Variation and GMC-lite templates

Health and safety

Social service contract templates and tools

Refer to the Social Services Procurement section of our website for more information on how and when you can use these templates and tools.

Construction procurement tools

Refer to the Construction Procurement section of our website for the companion guides to the tools below.