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Procurement for the future

The procurement for the future programme manages the delivery of the work that brings to life the vision behind the government’s procurement for the future strategy.

We’re taking a modern approach to system engagement, so that we have authentic and meaningful partnership across the procurement system (New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP), agencies and suppliers). This includes having the right levels of participative design, and broader ownership of the programme’s various initiatives.

Procurement for the future


Each year, government agencies spend $51 billion dollars of public money on goods and services. This includes everything from roads, hospitals and schools, to pens and waste removal contracts. Over the last few years we’ve been using this spend more strategically to favour contracts that deliver more public value.

Suppliers that have an eye on good environmental outcomes, such as reducing waste and carbon emissions, or greater inclusion of Māori businesses. But we can do more.

Processes that are individual to one government agency need to become universal. Like a shared language. A digital language. We need a procurement system that is user-friendly. That uses the power of data and technology to provide insights and efficiencies, That transforms the way government works together. We will unlock even more value from Government Procurement.

Government Procurement matters. We have a vision for a fair, transparent, inclusive, and efficient system that delivers for all New Zealanders. 

This is the future of procurement. The work has begun. 

Keep up to date at procurement.govt.nz

For more information, email the Procurement for the future team.

Government procurement: Refreshing strategic priorities [PDF, 318KB] — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment