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About us

​We help government agencies to deliver better public services for better public value.

Each year, government agencies spend approximately $51.5 billion, around 20% GDP, procuring a wide range of goods and services from third party suppliers. Government also spends approximately $330 million each year managing the Crown’s property portfolio.

Getting procurement and property management right is important. It produces better outcomes for New Zealanders. We achieve this through good government policy, excellent procurement practices, effective property management, and strategic advice.

Functional leadership

The Chief Executive of MBIE is the Functional Leader for government procurement and property. The Chief Executive of DIA/Government Chief Information Officer is the ICT Functional Leader and is responsible for the ICT strategy and action plan.

Functional leadership

What NZGP and GPG does

New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) and Government Property Group (GPG) delivers MBIE’s procurement and property functional leadership objectives through a collaborative, centre-led approach.

We help government agencies with:

  • building procurement and property capability within their agency through training and development opportunities, and other tools and resources
  • providing support, advice and expertise
  • making procurement and property management easier through systems and frameworks that support quality decision making

What NZGP does

We help government to deliver better value, and wider cultural, economic, environmental and social outcomes, by lifting procurement capability and performance.


What GPG does

We lead the management of the Crown estate, and help other agencies by providing advice and education on:

  • property management
  • workplace design
  • change management
  • brokerage
  • property project management
  • property-related procurement
  • property research and strategy.

We also manage the Government Property Portal (GPP). GPP has property and lease, asset, space and facilities management modules as well as reporting capabilities that help agencies manage their property better.

Government Property Portal (GPP)