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Delivering better outcomes for New Zealand

Key dates

  • Nov 20

    Procurement Knowledge Hour: Framework for delivering broader outcomes

    We are now bringing our popular Procurement Knowledge Hours to Auckland with at least three sessions planned for 2020.

    To kick off, Tara Macmillan (NZ Transport Agency) will present the broader outcomes framework. Supported by Jazz Singh (Auckland Council), they will then share examples of how central and local Government are pursuing secondary benefits through their respective procurement activities.

    There is increasing work internationally and in New Zealand, aimed at achieving greater value from public sector procurement activity. Within New Zealand, the NZTA and Auckland Council are agencies who are leading the work in this space.

    Come along to Auckland Town Hall to hear Tara present a central government agency perspective, and Jazz give a regional Auckland Council perspective of how the pursuit of broader outcomes is being approached.

    Procurement knowledge hours are open to New Zealand Public Sector procurement practitioners.

    Part of: Procurement key date Knowledge hour
  • Nov 21

    Property Knowledge Hour: The year in review and looking ahead to 2020

    The way government office accommodation is organised, coordinated and connected is being refocused. Come along and hear from the government’s Chief Property Advisor, Peter Bollmann, who will review the year in property and the development of the Government Office Accommodation Programme.

    Peter will be joined by three guest speakers who led the delivery of government property projects.

    These will showcase examples of office accommodation projects and demonstrate the connections between metro and regional government services.

    Property knowledge hours are open to New Zealand Public Sector property practitioners.

    Part of: Property key date Knowledge hour
  • Nov 26

    Procurement Knowledge Hour: Ministry of Health’s National Air Ambulance Service - Procurement Excellence award winners

    New Zealand’s air ambulance sector operates the third largest air ambulance fleet in the world. Emergency air ambulance services, comprising of pre-hospital emergency and inter-hospital transfer services is a complex high risk service involving many stakeholders.

    It was this critical need that drove the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) large air ambulance procurement project to redesign the national air ambulance service. Come and hear how MoH drove this complex project which resulted in them being judged supreme award winner at this year's New Zealand Procurement awards.

    Procurement excellence for Ministry of Health’s national Air Ambulance Service

    Procurement knowledge hours are open to New Zealand Public Sector procurement practitioners.

    Part of: Procurement key date Knowledge hour

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