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Principles, charter and rules

New Zealand government procurement is shaped by our five principles, the Government Procurement Charter and supported by the Government Procurement Rules.

The broad framework we've developed to support good practice in all kinds of procurement includes:

  • five Principles of Government Procurement
  • Government Procurement Charter
  • Government Procurement Rules
  • other good practice guidance.

You can use the Rules as well as the Principles and the Charter to help guide the process on any procurement project. All government procurement and the Charter must follow the Principles and some agencies must follow the Rules for certain projects.

Check whether the Rules are mandatory for your agency

Guide to procurement

The Principles

The Principles are our overarching values. They apply to all government procurement and provide the foundations of good procurement practice. The five principles are:

  • Plan and manage for great results.
  • Be fair to all suppliers.
  • Get the right supplier.
  • Get the best deal for everyone.
  • Play by the rules.

Principles of Government Procurement

The Charter

The Charter sets out Government’s expectations of how agencies should conduct their procurement activity to achieve public value.

Government Procurement Charter

The Rules

The Government Procurement Rules exist to support good market engagement, improve cost efficiencies and help drive better outcomes for agencies, businesses and New Zealand.

Anyone can use the Rules to guide procurement best practice. Some agencies must use the Rules for certain projects.

Government Procurement Rules