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​​Online Panel Directory


Accessing the Online Panel Directory

The Online Panel Directory is separate to this website.

Participating Agencies

Find out how to access the directory.


Find out how to access the directory.

We have developed an Online Panel Directory to make it easier for participating agencies to use collaborative contracts and for panel providers to maintain their own information. The following contracts are currently included in the Online Panel Directory.

It is anticipated that other service related contracts will be added in the future.

Benefits of the Online Panel Directory

  • Providers are able to maintain their own general company information making it easier to keep the directory up-to-date.
  • Participating agencies are able to search, filter, compare and shortlist providers based on their needs without having to refer to multiple places. Find out how to shortlist your suppliers using the online panel directory.
  • Promotes a level playing field for panel providers promoting themselves to government.

Agency access

The Online Panel Directory contains commercially sensitive provider information, only agencies participating in the contracts listed above have access to it.

Access is granted at the time of an agency joining a contract. An agency password will be provided to the agency representative specified on the Letter of Accession.

If you are participating in one of the contracts listed above, please contact your own procurement team in the first instance to arrange access to the directory. If you are the representative for your agency and have forgotten your password, please contact us for assistance.

The guide below is for participating agencies who have already been granted access. The link to the directory will not work for agencies who have not been through the IP address approval process.

Login to the Online Panel Directory

Provider access

Panel Providers access the Online Panel Directory using a RealMe login. Set up is usually completed at the time of appointment to the panel. Contact us to change your approved user.

Login to the Online Panel Directory