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Protective security services sub-panel

Part of: Consultancy Finance All-of-Government

The protective security services sub-panel is a risk based protective security framework which provides holistic protective security policies and guidance for agencies.

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Lead agency

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The protective security services sub-panel is part of the operations management and risk sub-category for consultancy services. It is a risk based protective security framework which provides holistic protective security policies and guidance for agencies to better help agencies manage business risks and assure continuity of service delivery.

Inclusion in this panel does not imply that a vendor can provide services and expertise across all aspects of protective security or the protective security services (PSR). Some vendors are specialised in a particular area or function of protective security, such as InfoSec or audit.

Agencies should undertake due diligence to ensure they are selecting a vendor with the appropriate qualification, skills, and experience to assist with their protective security requirement.

Consultancy services

What's covered

Providers appointed to this sub-panel may be able to provide one or more of the following services:

  • Threat assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Security planning
  • Security governance
  • Security assurance
  • Security design
  • Security awareness

Dates and renewal details

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Below is the list of providers for the consultancy services contract. Participating agencies can access further details on the providers through the Online Panel Directory. The Online Panel Directory is not accessed through this website.

Online Panel Directory

Online Panel Directory

Further information on the consultancy services providers such as profiles, rates and contact details can be found in the Online Panel Directory. We have developed the Online Panel Directory to make it easier for government agencies to find a provider that meets their engagement requirements. Participating agencies can search, filter, compare and shortlist panel providers based on their needs without having to refer to multiple places.

As the Online Panel Directory contains commercially sensitive provider information, only agencies participating in the AoG consultancy services contract can access it. Access is maintained through a two-stage authorisation process: IP address approval and the use of an agency password. At the time of joining, the nominated agency representative will be asked to provide their relevant IP addresses to us. Once approved, the agency representative will be sent a link to the Online Panel Directory along with a common password for their agency.

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