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Part of: Advertising Professional services All-of-Government

An All-of-Government panel of 19 suppliers offering discounted advertising rates across television, radio, print, digital, out of home, and cinema channels, with the ability to add emerging media.

Key details


Current View dates



Lead agency

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

This panel is currently closed for new providers to join.

What's covered

This contract provides all eligible agencies with baseline discounts and rates on the placement of advertising in media across the following channels:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Out Of Home (OOH) (billboards, posters, street furniture and transport)
  • Cinema

How it works

This contract is mainly utilised by third parties such as advertising services agencies. While the spend originates from government agencies, distribution and placement of that spend, further negotiations and added value is, in most cases, handled by third party advertising or media agencies.

Where spend is direct to vendors on this panel, there is no requirement for an AoG services order to be completed or agreed to by parties.

Eligible agencies are not required to sign a Letter of Accession (LoA) to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in order to access the discounts available under this contract.

Features and benefits

  • Ability to access media publishers that offer wide reach and an ability to engage a variety of audiences across New Zealand including specific cultural audiences and other targeted demographics.
  • Standardised terms and conditions across all AoG suppliers.
  • AoG baseline rates and discounts on media are a starting point for further negotiations to be had by individual agencies or their media representatives based on actual commitment and volume spend at point of sale.

Professional services broader outcomes

  • Access to AoG baseline rates and discounts that offer more value for money compared with what an agency would otherwise have access to outside AoG. The rates may be improved through, for example, volume commitments.
  • Access to sources of added value such as training opportunities and heavily discounted air time.
  • Reporting under this agreement will provide government with valuable data for spend and trend analysis on media.

Savings and costs


Suppliers have offered special AoG only discounts, rates or a mixture of rates and discounts.

  • Baseline discounts vary per supplier. These discounts are the minimum discounts available to all government agencies, and can be used as a starting point for additional savings negotiated at time of sale.
  • AoG rates also vary per supplier. These rates are the maximum rates available to all government agencies, and can be used as a starting point for additional savings negotiated at time of sale.


While most AoG contracts include an administration fee as a way of recovering the cost of developing, sourcing, implementing and managing them, there is no administration fee on the media contract at this stage. In the future we may appoint a lead media negotiator and/or analyst to assist agencies in getting further benefits from the solution. If and when this happens we will review our administration fee needs and advise all parties accordingly.

Dates and renewal details

Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Two years + three rights of renewal of two years
Renewals left: one

​​Roles and responsibilities

Each participant in this contract has responsibilities that they must meet as part of that contract.

Roles and responsibilities