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Design services

Part of: Advertising Professional services All-of-Government

An All-of-Government contract with a panel of 84 providers offering services design strategy and production, as well as project, account and relationship management.

Key details


Current View dates Expires 23/06/2024



Lead agency

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

This panel is currently closed for new providers to join.

What's covered

Strategy, development and planning

  • Communication strategies.
  • Brand and visual identity development.
  • Planning and implementation plans.
  • Advice to set direction and support the strategic goals of a project.

Design and production

  • Creating briefs and reverse briefs.
  • Developing concepts.
  • Managing design process and delivering to brief.
  • Copywriting, editing, copy-vetting services.
  • Managing production and rendering.
  • Delivery and upload of final artwork and material.

Project, account and relationship management

  • Account and relationship management, including managing client sign-offs, estimates, quotes, invoicing, budgets, timelines and reporting processes.
  • Project management, including managing all processes from design through to delivery including knowledge management, and maintenance of file security, confidentiality and storage.

Third party provider sourcing and liaison

  • Liaising with third part providers.
  • Obtaining comparative quotes and managing third party providers where required.

What's not covered

  • Advertising and media services - see the All-of-Government Advertising Services agreement.
  • Market research and public relations.
  • Standalone web services - see the Department of Internal Affairs Common Web Services contract.
  • Print, storage and distribution services.

How it works

Agencies can choose to:

  • select a different provider for each project, to achieve specific objectives within a particular timeframe
  • work with a single provider over a period of time in a partnership arrangement, which may include longer term communication plans involving the delivery of a number of projects. The number of projects will have an impact on how the task is resourced (including budget)
  • appoint a sub-set of providers as a panel for future projects
  • approach chosen providers directly or undertake a secondary procurement process.

Providers may:

  • have in-house capacity to deliver all of the services required to meet the brief
  • manage third parties for areas they cannot deliver in-house in order to ensure the design brief and objectives can be met
  • choose to recommend advertising or media partners to develop and execute mass communications.

Features and benefits

  • Access to quality providers with a broad range of specialist products and services
  • Flexibility to use single or multiple providers depending on project requirements
  • Value for money and flexibility in pricing models to include retainers and fixed fees based on your agency’s individual needs
  • Support broader outcomes by increasing access for Māori and New Zealand owned businesses
  • Ease of process and engagement through standardised service descriptions and terms and conditions of supply
  • Due diligence has already been done - no need to negotiate individual terms and conditions or assess providers' fit for purpose and financial viability
  • Enhanced reporting on government design spend activity and provider performance.

Savings and costs


Agencies who participate in the design services contract don't need to go through a full procurement process of their own, which saves time, effort and cost. It saves participating agencies an average of 8% across provider hourly rates.


Most AoG contracts include an administration fee. This fee is a simple, effective and transparent way of recovering the cost of developing, sourcing, implementing and managing AoG contracts.

Rates in this contract include an administration fee of 1.5% (excluding GST and incidental expenses).

Providers collect the administration fee and pass it on to MBIE - agencies don't need to make any payments to MBIE.


  • Contracted hourly rates - Each provider has agreed hourly rates for defined roles. The roles and rates for each provider can be found on the provider page.
  • Fixed fees - In some instances a fixed fee for services may be more appropriate than an hourly rate. The amount of this fee and what it covers should be agreed and included in the DSO.
  • Retainers - Where an ongoing relationship is established a monthly retainer may be the perfect method for managing ongoing budgets. A retainer can be negotiated as part of the DSO based on an agency's individual requirements.
  • Volume discounts - If you are engaging a provider for a significant amount of work there is provision to negotiate a discount based on volume.
  • Mark-up - Where third party services (external costs) have been engaged (such as stock shots, talent, photography, market research, post production, translations, illustration, music and surveys), a mark-up to cover the costs of managing these services may apply. Any mark-ups are capped as a percentage as outlined in individual provider rate cards, and are a minimum of 1.5% in order to cover the administration fee.
  • Incidental expense - As part of the delivery of service incidental expenses may be incurred by the provider and passed though at cost. Incidental expenses include cost such as taxis, meals, travel, photocopying, postage and accommodation.

Dates and renewal details

Start date:
Current term end date:
Contract Terms:
Nine years + one right of renewal of one year
Renewals left: none

Joining AoG contracts

To be able to purchase from this contract agencies and schools first need to join.

Joining AoG contracts

​​Roles and responsibilities

Each participant in this contract has responsibilities that they must meet as part of that contract.

Roles and responsibilities