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Government Model RFx Templates


Read the update on Government Model Template Review and health and safety changes before using the templates.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has launched a set of templates for tenders called the Government Model RFx templates (GM-RFx). RFx is a generic acronym used to cover an assortment of tender types such as Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quote (RFQ). 

The GM-RFx suite

The suite of GM-RFx consists of:

Optional templates Request for Quote (RFQ) Registration of Interest (ROI) Request for Proposal (RFP) 
Advance Notice [240 KB DOCX] RFQ [445 KB DOCX] ROI [614 KB DOCX] RFP [554 KB DOCX]
Response Form Optional Extras [369 KB DOCX] RFQ - Lite [81 KB DOCX] ROI Response Form [80 KB DOCX] RFP Response Form [93 KB DOCX]
  RFQ Response Form [199 KB DOCX] ROI Terms [410 KB PDF] RFP Terms [466 KB PDF]
  RFQ Xtra-Lite [53 KB DOCX]    
  RFQ Xtra-Lite Response Form [39 KB DOCX]    
  RFQ Terms [448 KB PDF]    


What GM-RFx offer

Traditionally, each government agency develops its own templates and conditions of tender, but this can be confusing for suppliers and providers. It also makes it more difficult for them to work with government. The GM-RFx is a suite of standardised templates designed for use across all government agencies.

Goals of the GM-RFx

The GM-RFx aim to provide:

  • practical, easy to navigate, plain English templates for routine types of procurements
  • consistent documentation across government
  • standardised use of language
  • templates that are easily understood by non-lawyers
  • standard treatment of legal risk
  • conditions that promote a fairer balance of risk between the parties
  • improved efficiencies and effectiveness
  • greater transparency in government procurement.

Tailoring the GM-RFx

The GM-RFx are designed for use across all government agencies. Each agency is invited to download these templates and customise them. Customisation can involve:

  • applying the government agency’s name and branding
  • developing any required variations to the standard process, terms and conditions
  • setting rules about their use (e.g. no variation of the conditions of tender without approval of the legal team)
  • deciding when the templates will be used (e.g. applying value thresholds)
  • developing instructions for internal users
  • providing training for internal users
  • notifying your key suppliers and providers of the change to the new documents.

Individuals, working for a government agency, who wish to use the above templates should check first with their internal procurement or legal team. It is not recommended that individuals download the above documents without seeking advice from these teams.

Help for government agencies

The following material is available to help government agencies customise and deploy the GM-RFx:


Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information on the use of the GM-RFx, please contact us directly:

Last updated 26 April 2016