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Construction procurement guidelines

The construction procurement guidelines set out the standards of good practice for government agencies to apply to their construction projects.

Government contract guidelines to support construction industry

Government has implemented the first action from the Accord's Construction Sector Response Plan and issued guidance and expectations to agencies on managing contracts during the shutdown.

Government contract guidelines to support industry - Construction Sector Accord(external link)

The construction procurement guidelines support government agencies to improve the quality and consistency of their construction procurement practices.

Agencies that are mandated to apply the Government Procurement Rules must apply the practices set out in these guidelines, where appropriate, for new construction works with an estimated value of $9 million or more (excluding GST).

Rule 69: Planning for new construction works

Check whether the Rules are mandatory for your agency

Mandated and eligible agencies

For all other projects, you’re encouraged to use your judgement to apply the guidelines in a way that is appropriate to the characteristics of your project.

How to apply the guidelines

To support agencies, the guidelines identify specific standards of good practice which agencies must apply as part of their construction procurement processes.

The following document contains a checklist of the standards of good practice taken from the 12 focus areas of the guidelines. For more information about each practice refer to the focus area to which it relates.

Where another party (such as a consultant) is supporting you with your project, you must ensure the other party applies the guidelines on your behalf.

Where the standards of good practices have not been followed, the rationale for this must be recorded, for example as part of your procurement strategy or plan.

Structure of the guidelines

‘Setting up for project success’ provides guidance on important factors to consider to ensure that each project is a success for all parties, and represents good public value. It includes key questions to ask to determine whether your project is set up for success.

The rest of this page is made up of the guidelines’ 12 focus areas, which cover specific construction procurement topics, and include links to tools and templates.

The guidelines are intended to supplement MBIE’s ‘Guide to procurement’ and must be read together with them and the ‘Government Procurement Rules’.

Guide to procurement

Government Procurement Rules


The guidelines have been made possible by the contributions of many individuals and a broad range of government agencies, industry bodies and construction companies. New Zealand Government Procurement would like to thank those who have generously given their time and expertise.