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NGO procurement initiative

From primary health care, disability support and preschool education, NGOs deliver essential services in our communities every day. We want to support the great work that NGOs do.

This initiative links non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that deliver social services on behalf of government, with businesses interested in providing them with discounted pricing. This enables NGOs to focus their resources on the great work they do and provides businesses with the opportunity to help NGOs.

To be eligible to participate in this initiative your NGO needs to be:

  • a not-for-profit organisation
  • funded or contracted by government to deliver social services (services for individuals, whanau and communities to enhance economic health and wellbeing)
  • at least 50% funded by government over the last two years
  • based in New Zealand.

If you are eligible, you will be provided with a list of suppliers that have signalled they may provide NGOs with discounts. You then need to contact each supplier and discuss pricing with them. Suppliers are not obliged to enter into a supply agreement if they choose not to do so.

This initiative helps facilitate connections between NGOs and suppliers interested in working with them. Supplier’s participation in this initiative is voluntary. NZGP is not involved in the contracting process or responsible for the outcomes of any contracts that are established as a result.

Apply to see if you are eligible