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What's RealMe?

To log in to this service you need a RealMe login.

This service uses RealMe login to secure and protect your personal information.

RealMe login is a service from the New Zealand government that includes a single login, letting you use one username and password to access a wide range of services online.

Find out more at www.realme.govt.nz.

Emergency procurement

​In a genuine emergency, you might not have to follow the usual procurement procedures.

Emergency situations can include:

  • natural or manmade disasters, eg earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, flooding, fires or contamination
  • failures of critical infrastructure or equipment: such as failure of a prison security system or critical hospital infrastructure
  • critical health or environmental emergencies: such as a pandemic or food safety incident
  • political emergencies: such as a war, coup, or civil insurrection in New Zealand or countries where the New Zealand government offers support
  • critical security emergencies: such as a terrorist attack, serious crime or major cyber security emergency
  • unanticipated events that make it impossible for an agency to perform a statutory or critical function in the necessary timeframe: for example the destruction of critical election supplies immediately prior to an election would be an emergency for the Electoral Commission.

Urgent situations that are created by an agency through a lack of planning or risk mitigation do not constitute an emergency.

Full details on options for emergency procurement are in our guide.