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Rule 21:
Annual procurement plans

Explains what must be included in an agency's Annual Procurement Plan and when they are due.

Changing annual procurement plans to future procurement opportunities

From 1 October 2020, future procurement opportunities (FPOs) replaced annual procurement plans (APPs). Rules 21, 31 and 34 have been impacted by this change, which all refer to APPs. We're treating an FPO as the equivalent of an APP and agencies will still meet their obligations under these rules by using FPOs instead of APPs.

Read more on the impacts on the Rules.

Changing annual procurement plans to future procurement opportunities

Read more on future procurement opportunities.

Future procurement opportunities

  1. An agency must submit an Annual Procurement Plan (APP) to MBIE for publication.
  2. An APP is a list of planned contract opportunities over the next 12 months. An agency may include such information for a longer period, at its discretion.
    1. An APP must contain all known or anticipated contract opportunities that the Rules apply to
    2. An APP may contain other contract opportunities that the Rules don’t apply to, at the agency’s discretion.
  1. An APP is for planning purposes and does not represent an invitation for bids or pre-solicitation. It is not a commitment by the agency to purchase the described goods, services or works.
  2. Each agency must review and update its APP at least once every six months. An agency may update its APP more often, if appropriate.
  3. Updated APPs are due by 1 March and 1 October each year.

More information on APPs

Annual Procurement Plans are intended to help agencies plan their future procurement activities. They also give suppliers advance notice of possible contract opportunities.

If an agency is doing secondary procurement (purchasing from an existing panel contract, All-of-Government, Syndicated or Common Capability Contract), or is doing an opt-out procurement, it does not need to include this procurement in its APP.

You can read more about APPs and find the template on the annual procurement plans page.