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Rule 39:
Other tender documents

Explains what other tender documents may be relevant to the procurement and how these documents should be made available to suppliers.

  1. Other tender documents are documents that are relevant and essential to the procurement.
  2. These documents may be included in the Notice of Procurement as annexes. If they are standalone documents, they may also be referred to in the Notice of Procurement.
  3. An agency should make other tender documents available to suppliers at the same time the GETS listing and the Notice of Procurement are published. Where possible, they should be uploaded as attachments to the GETS listing. This will count as an allowable reduction (Rule 31) to the minimum time period (Rule 30).
  4. If other tender documents can’t be made available on GETS, agencies must state in the GETS listing how suppliers can obtain a copy (eg by requesting a hard copy or by referencing an e-procurement system where the document is freely available). An agency must promptly provide a copy to any supplier who requests one, or provide instructions on how to obtain one from an e-procurement system.

Examples of other tender documents

  • architectural drawings
  • engineering plans
  • detailed technical specifications
  • reports
  • extensive specifications in an electronic file that is too large to upload to GETS
  • applicable policy statements relating to Broader Outcomes
  • environmental and other standards.