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Rule 42:
Changes to process or requirements

How an agency may make changes to its procurement process.

  1. An agency may make changes to its procurement process or its requirements after a Notice of Procurement has been published on GETS and before the deadline for responses closes.
  2. An agency must notify all participating suppliers of any changes to the procurement process or requirements. An agency must publish all changes on GETS or, following a shortlisting, send them to all participating suppliers.
  3. An agency must make all changes available to all participating suppliers at the same time.
  4. An agency must give participating suppliers enough time to respond to the changes. This may mean extending the deadline for responses, or allowing suppliers who have already submitted their responses a fair opportunity to change their responses.

More information on changing to procurement processes or requirement

Changes to procurement processes or requirements may include changing:

  • any essential aspect of the specification of requirements or technical specifications
  • a pre-condition (Rule 28)
  • evaluation criteria
  • the ranking or weightings of the evaluation criteria
  • the deadline for responses or critical dates in the procurement process
  • the Rules or conditions that apply to the procurement process.