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Rule 58:
All-of-Government contracts

Explains what an All-of-Government contract is and how agencies must use them.

  1. An All-of-Government contract (AoG) is a type of approved collaborative contract. AoGs establish supply agreements with approved suppliers for selected common goods or services purchased across government. AoGs are developed under the oversight of the Procurement Functional Leader and managed by appointed procurement Centres of Expertise.
  2. All agencies must purchase from the AoGs, unless there is a good reason not to.
  3. Agencies who want to opt-out of purchasing from an AoG, must get approval from the Procurement Functional Leader. If an agency and the Procurement Functional Leader fail to agree to an opt-out, the Public Service Commissioner will decide the matter.
  4. Before approaching the market, an agency should check if there is an existing AoG that meets its needs.

More information on AoG contracts

To avoid confusion in the market, Cabinet has agreed that the term All-of-Government contract must be applied only in very specific circumstances.

The term applies only where an AoG contract initiative is coordinated by the Procurement Functional Leader through New Zealand Government Procurement. An agency wishing to opt out of joining an AoG contract should email us in the first instance.

When purchasing from AoG contracts, you should still consider what broader outcomes you can achieve through your spending. For example, as lowering emissions is a government priority, you can use the All-of-Government contract to purchase a vehicle with a low emissions rating.

For more information on the categories of goods and services available and how to buy from AoG contracts.