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Rule 59:
Syndicated contracts

Explains what the different types of syndicated contracts are and how agencies must use them.

  1. A syndicated contract is a type of approved collaborative contract. Syndicated contracts typically involve a group of agencies aggregating their respective needs and collectively going to market for goods, services or works. There are two types of syndicated contract:
    1. An Open Syndicated Contract (OSC) includes a common use provision allowing other, unspecified agencies to contract with the supplier on the same terms at a later stage.
    2. A Closed Syndicated Contract is limited to a group of named agencies.
  2. Agencies wishing to establish an OSC must first obtain approval from the Procurement Functional Leader.
  3. Before approaching the market, an agency should check if there is an existing OSC that meets its needs. OSCs are listed in the Collaborative contracts register.

More information on syndicated contracts

Information about syndicated contracts and the process of obtaining approval, see the syndicated procurement guide.

Syndicated procurement guide [PDF, 282 KB]