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Rule 3:
Non-discrimination and offsets

States that agencies must give all suppliers an equal opportunity to take part and explains that agencies must not have offsets at any stage in the procurement process.

  1. All suppliers must be given an equal opportunity to bid for contracts. Agencies must treat suppliers from another country no less favourably than New Zealand suppliers.
  2. Procurement decisions must be based on the best public value, over the whole-of-life of the goods, services or works.
  3. Suppliers must not be discriminated against because of:
    1. the country the goods, services or works come from
    2. their degree of foreign ownership or foreign business affiliations.
  4. An agency must not ask for, take account of, or impose any offset at any stage in a procurement process.

More information on non-discrimination

Rule 3 contains the expression 'must treat suppliers from another country no less favourably than New Zealand suppliers.'

This means a supplier will be assessed on their merits. It does not prevent you from awarding a contract to a New Zealand supplier if they present the best public value, inclusive of any broader outcomes sought as part of the tender process.