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Rule 1:
Principles and the Government Charter

Explains how agencies must adhere to the five Principles of Government Procurement and the Government Procurement Charter.

  1. Each agency must have policies in place that incorporate the five Principles of Government Procurement and the Government Procurement Charter. The Principles and the Charter apply to all procurements, even if the Rules do not apply.
  2. Each agency should consider making these policies publicly available.
  3. Each agency must make sure that:
    1. all staff engaged in procurement have been trained in the five Principles and the Charter
    2. its procurement practices reflect the five Principles and the Charter
    3. it is able to show how it has used sound research to plan an appropriate approach-to-market strategy that is proportionate to the nature, risk, value and complexity of each procurement.

Procurement planning

Before you choose a procurement process, you should think about the nature of the goods, services or works you need, and assess the best way to approach and collaborate with the market. You must make sure that:

  • all suppliers get fair notice of the contract opportunity
  • the process encourages competition
  • suppliers have enough time to respond.

You should base your decisions on a clear understanding of your agency’s needs and an appropriate level of market research. It’s important that the process you choose reflects the value and complexity of the procurement. Don't overcomplicate a straightforward tender simply because the Rules apply.

Good procurement starts with good planning. Knowing what you need to buy and understanding the market makes government an ‘intelligent customer’.

The following guidance is helpful when planning a major project:

Government Procurement Charter

The Government Procurement Charter sets out the government’s expectations for what agencies should consider when conducting their procurement.