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Rule 13:
Requirement to openly advertise

Explains the requirement to openly advertise, when and how that should be done.

  1. Wherever possible an agency should use open competitive procurement processes to give all suppliers the opportunity to compete.
  2. An agency must openly advertise on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS):
    1. if the maximum total estimated value (Rule 8) of the procurement meets or exceeds the relevant value threshold (Rule 6 or Rule 7), and
    2. when there is no exemption from open advertising (Rule 14).
  3. Agencies may advertise using other media, as well as GETS.

Open competitive process

Good procurement is about good process and good results.

Open competitive processes that comply with the Rules include:

  • one-step processes such as a Request for Quote or Request for Tender
  • multi-step processes such as a Registration of Interest followed by a shortlisting then a Request for Proposal or Request for Tender.

Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS)

The Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) is a free service. It supplies information about New Zealand government contract opportunities. GETS promotes open, transparent and fair competition.

GETS is accessible to all interested suppliers, both domestic and international. It meets New Zealand’s commitments under free trade agreements.

MBIE manages GETS on behalf of the New Zealand government. You can read more on the GETS website(external link).