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Frameworks, reporting and advice

Tools and services we offer to help improve procurement capability include frameworks, evaluations and advice.

Frameworks and reporting

Mandated agencies are required to use these frameworks and tools, and submit regular reports on them.

Broader outcomes

The Government Procurement Rules require mandated agencies to consider wider social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes as part of their procurement activities. This reporting framework supports the implementation of broader outcomes and helps identify and generate public value.

Reporting on broader outcomes

A new progressive procurement policy with a focus on Māori businesses, announced in December 2020, requires mandated agencies to report on their progress against a 8% target of annual procurement contracts awarded to Māori businesses.

Reporting on progressive procurement target

Significant service contracts framework

Use this framework to guide effective management of the contracts for services that are critical to your agency's business objectives.

Significant service contracts framework

Procurement Capability Index

The Procurement Capability Index (PCI) is a self-assessment tool that measures agencies' procurement capability. All agencies that are mandated to use the Government Procurement Rules are required to complete the PCI.

Procurement Capability Index

Annual procurement plans

Annual procurement plans are being replaced by future procurement opportunities, a new process that allows agencies to inform suppliers about upcoming opportunities in a more timely way.

Future procurement opportunities

Other ways we can help

Review of significant procurements

Under the Government Procurement Rules (Rule 19), we review procurements that meet one or more of the Significant Procurement Plan criteria.

Review of significant procurements

Commercial Pool

The Commercial Pool are a team of experts who provide commercial and procurement advice to agencies undertaking complex, risky, and strategically important projects.

The Commercial Pool