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​​Significant service contracts framework

This framework provides effective management of the contracts for significant services that are critical to agencies business objectives.

Agencies are not required to submit significant service contract (SSC) reports until further notice.

Significant service contracts are the important contracts that your agency manages.

These contracts are for goods and/or services:

  • that are critically important to the delivery of business objectives, and
  • pose a significant risk and/or significant impact in the event of supplier or supply failure.

The framework is designed to provide confidence to government and the public that important services are being effectively delivered to New Zealand. The framework includes standardised management, oversight and accountability of agencies’ significant services contracts.

Each agency has access to its individual dashboard through the built-in-the-reporting-template analytics which allows one-stop-shop visualisation of the contract status.

The framework is linked to, and directly supports the State Services Commission’s Leadership Success Profile specifically for System Leadership: Stewardship – of people, functions, organisations and systems.

State Services Commission’s Leadership Success Profile

Significant service contracts dashboard

The significant service contract dashboard provides a consolidated system view on information provided.

The information represents the agencies view from their business context of the most critical contracts and/or pose significant risk in the event of failure.

We are interested in hearing your feedback on the dashboard, please email us


Agencies are not required to submit significant service contract (SSC) reports until further notice.

Rule 71: Significant service contracts framework