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Build your capability

Hīkina offers e-learning modules for government procurement practitioners. Find out more about the social services procurement competency framework.

Hīkina – Learning for procurement and property

Hīkina is our e-learning platform for government procurement professionals to learn more about:

  • The procurement lifecycle
  • Social services procurement
  • Broader outcomes

Hīkina also has recordings of Knowledge Hour seminars.

For more information email the Procurement team.

Social services procurement competency framework

We’ve designed a framework for people working in social services procurement in the New Zealand public sector.

Download the framework

This competency framework is a model that defines the skills, knowledge and behaviours people need when procuring public services for the benefit of the community.

  • People working in social services procurement practice can use this framework to understand the expectations of your role, clarify your current strengths and identify areas to develop.
  • Managers and people leaders can use this framework to support your people’s development and plan your future hiring requirements.

This document contains the competency framework with a full description of all competencies for reference.

About this framework

This competency framework:

  • helps to build a culture that supports and encourages learning
  • sets consistent expectations of performance in procurement practice
  • gives a more structured and purposeful approach to professional development.

This framework has a focus on learning and improving; helping people move along a career path to the next level of seniority, rather than managing performance.

Everyone brings unique and valuable skills and experience to their roles. Many people won’t be at all the levels described and may display a mix of competencies, including some that are beyond the level of their current role.

The competencies for leaders are in addition to Te Kawa Mataaho Leadership Success Profile which outlines the model for effective leadership across the public sector. Foundation and leader levels are not typically progressive in the same way that practitioner, senior and advanced levels are, and may need less procurement competency overall.

Leadership Success Profile – Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission