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Broader outcomes

Government procurement can and should be used to support wider social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes that go beyond the immediate purchase of goods and services.

Achieving broader outcomes from government procurement

In October 2018 the Government recognised that its procurement activities offer a unique opportunity to achieve broader cultural, economic, environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.

Of these broader outcomes, the Government identified four priority outcomes for agencies to start focusing on:

These outcomes are incorporated in the Government Procurement Rules. The Rules require government agencies to consider specific priority outcomes when buying from designated contract areas.

Government Procurement Rules

Rule 16: Broader outcomes

Designated contract areas

Implementing broader outcomes in your procurement activities

To support your agency to implement broader outcomes:

  • incorporate broader outcomes into your overall procurement strategy, and relevant category strategies (if you have them)
  • use your strategy to help inform individual contracts
  • manage contracts to ensure suppliers deliver the broader outcomes they agreed to
  • consider appointing a senior leader and/or working group to champion the delivery of broader outcomes at your agency. Make sure you monitor progress and track results, including reporting on your agency’s progress with implementing broader outcomes.

Implementing broader outcomes

Cabinet papers that informed the policy

Cabinet agreed on 23 October 2018 to a set of four priority outcomes for agencies to leverage from their procurement activities to achieve wider public value from their spending. Read the cabinet papers and minutes on the functional leadership page.

Functional leadership

Training and professional development

Case studies

These case studies provide examples about implementing broader outcome principles into procurement policy and procedures.

The following case studies, created in collaboration with agencies, illustrate how broader outcomes can work in practice.

They will be added to and updated from time to time.