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​​Plan your response

​Check you know what's required, get the team together and make sure everyone knows the deadlines you're working to.

1. Read the RFx documents

Make notes of any questions or specific requirements as you go.

Develop a tender skeleton with an outline of the contents and key points you want to make, in the order and structure outlined in the RFx document.

Before you start filling anything out, do some background research on the organisation. Look at their website, check out their annual report and search online for news about them.

Use our checklist to help work out your plan.

2. Assign responsibilities and time frames

If you're completing the response on your own, develop a plan with deadlines. If you'll have a team working on the proposal, get everyone together for a kick-off meeting, to cover:

  • scope of the RFx, special characteristics
  • buyer background
  • evaluation criteria
  • buyer perceptions of you (the bidder)
  • competitor analysis
  • unique selling propositions
  • physical production and delivery of the response – what is required?

Include any suppliers, sub-contractors or partners, and make sure everyone is clear on their responsibilities and deadlines.

3. Manage the tender project

Establish a content delivery, review and feedback schedule.

If external inputs are required, like subcontractor background information and pricing, get these going as early as possible. Set a deadline well in advance of the RFx due date so you have time to review or chase up as necessary.