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Rule 55:
Types of supplier lists

Explains that an agency may establish a supplier list, if it regularly undertakes a specific type of procurement.

  1. If an agency regularly purchases a specific type of good, service or works, it may establish a list of suppliers. Common types of lists include:
    1. Pre-qualified suppliers list (Rule 56)
    2. Panel of suppliers (Rule 57).

More information on supplier lists

Where a supplier list has been established, do you still need to openly advertise individual contract opportunities?

Where an agency establishes a registered suppliers list or pre-qualified suppliers list, it must still openly advertise individual contract opportunities that meet or exceed the appropriate value threshold (Rule 13 and Rule 35).

Where an agency has established a panel of suppliers, individual contract opportunities that meet or exceed the value threshold do not need to be openly advertised. These are secondary procurements and the agency may select suppliers directly from the Panel in accordance with the secondary procurement method(s) established for the panel.