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Construction consultancy services information for providers

This page provides information to help providers understand the All-of-Government (AoG) construction consultancy services (CCS) contract, and how to apply to join.

What is the AoG construction consultancy services contract?

The AoG CCS contract is one of the All-of-Government panels offered by New Zealand Government Procurement, a branch within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

This panel covers the services that professional consultants provide in relation to construction or works projects. These include architecture, engineering, quantity surveying and project management services, among others.

Construction consultancy services

Why should you join?

Joining the AoG CCS panel is easy and gives you the opportunity to offer your services to a wide range of government agencies. More than 130 government agencies are required by the Government Procurement Rules to use the construction consultancy services contract.

Agencies have access to view the panel of providers from the Online Panel Directory.

Online Panel Directory

What is Marketplace?

Marketplace is an online platform run by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) that lets New Zealand and international businesses offer their products and services directly to New Zealand government agencies.

Learn more about Marketplace

The AoG CCS contract uses Marketplace for the on-boarding of new agencies and providers.

The application process

To become an AoG CCS provider, you need to complete an online application form. We will assess the application against the relevant criteria and notify you as to whether your application has been successful.

If an application is declined, we will give you reason(s) as to why it was unsuccessful.

Apply to be a supplier – Marketplace

There is no deadline for applying to join AoG CCS. It is an open panel that you may apply to join at any time. If your application was previously declined, you should address the reasons for this before re-applying.

We will not publish any list of unsuccessful applicants.

The application takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete if you prepare your answers in advance.

What information do I need to provide?

Our guidance document outlines on-boarding questions and criteria, and lists the various types of information needed for your application. This includes:

  • Business information
  • Insurance information
  • Financial and solvency information

The person within your business coordinating the application process (the Administrator) will receive a confirmation email once the application has been submitted and is notified whether the application has been approved or declined.

This person will also become the initial primary business contact for agencies.  If you wish to change the primary business contact for your business, please email the professional services portfolio team.

If you are appointed to the panel, we will also request additional information from you to support our interim solution (for example, region of service delivery, and pricing information).

Secondary procurement process

It is up to each agency to determine the secondary procurement process that it will follow in relation to each project and in accordance with its internal procurement policies.

The Government Procurement Rules set out how agencies should select providers via secondary procurement processes.

GETS will still be the Government’s main e-tendering platform. Agencies may use GETS to issue closed competitive tenders or alternatively they may contact your business directly to request a quote.

Government Procurement Rules

Using the construction consultancy services contract

Collaborative Marketplace Agreement

The Collaborative Marketplace Agreement is the contract between the Crown (ie MBIE and DIA) and the provider.

It is made up of two parts:

Part 1 - General terms

These terms apply to all providers in Marketplace, across a wide range of different industries and sectors. It sets out the process for applying to be a Marketplace provider, establishes the construction consultancy services panel (among others) and outlines the terms and conditions for using the Marketplace platform.

Part 2 – Channel terms for construction consultancy services

These terms are specific to construction consultancy services. They state that the Crown version of the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS) will apply to a relationship between a provider and a government agency for construction consultancy services, unless those parties agree to use a different form of contract.

Services Listings

A Services Listing can be created in the Online Panel Directory (OPD) and used to market your services offering. This differs from the service listing that was originally offered on Marketplace (as outlined in the Collaborative Marketplace Agreement).

Learn more about the Online Panel Directory

OPD is currently being used an alternative to the Marketplace. MBIE has permitted agencies to procure services outside of Marketplace through this interim solution. Therefore all references to activities that take place through or via Marketplace in the Collaborative Marketplace Agreement are to be read to take place through this interim solution to the extent possible. For now, this means that a “Services Listing” is limited to the supplier information we provide to agencies.

In light of this, the following clauses of the Collaborative Marketplace Agreement are temporarily waived until further notice:

  • Part 1 – General terms
    • Clause 3.5 – requires a provider to complete its Services Listings within six months of being appointed to the CCS panel.
    • Clause 4.2 – requires a provider to enter and maintain its Services Listings.
  • Part 2 – Channel terms for construction consultancy services
    • Clause 10.1 – requires a provider to list any value added services and broader outcomes that it offers in its Services Listings.

We still expect to be notified by you of any material changes to your services or business.


What is the agency purchase agreement (APA)

An APA is the contract between you and a government agency. As a default (and as mentioned above), the Crown version of the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS) should be used as the APA unless you and the agency agree to use a different form of contract.

Apply to be a supplier - Marketplace