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​​Graduate programme

Procurement graduates are placed in agencies across government, and receive support and training in procurement over a two-year programme.

The procurement graduate progamme has been created to develop tomorrow’s procurement leaders. We need great communicators, passionate collaborators, big-picture thinkers and driven problem-solvers.

If you want to make a direct impact helping government agencies achieve their strategic and commercial outcomes and deliver value for New Zealanders, the procurement graduate programme is the one for you.


Duration: 3:25

Opening doors to Procurement

Kia Ora

I'm Bridget and I'm Jess and today we're going to be talking about Procurement.

If you don't know what this is - don't worry not many people do.

Even though procurement is one of the fastest growing professions in New Zealand not many people know what it is.

We found this out when we went to the streets in Wellington and asked what they thought Procurement is?

I do have quite a few smart friends who probably would be able to tell me exactly what Procurement means but there is quite a few of us who don't.

Absolutely no idea, I don't know.

If they bought businesses more often, they could have more employment for other people?

Procurement as a profession - can be a bit of a mystery.

So what is it in reality?

Procurement actually means a lot of different things to different people.

But probably in its simplest form its all about the planning, sourcing and buying of goods and services for an organisation.

Importantly, it more than just buying stuff, if fact if it was just buying stuff, we would just be called shoppers.

The most interesting procurement I have undertaken in my time in procurement, would be trying to actually source Jaffa's for promotional material for a large corporate bank.

It was by not means a small bit of procurement, we were looking at about 30,000 or 40,000 Jaffas.

That was packets of 10, boxes of 500. It was 3 or 4 pallets, it was massive.

There are only a few companies that do it, and you get to sample a lot of product so that was quite good!

The most interesting thing I have done for procurement would come from my time with New Zealand Defence Force.

I got involved in a really cool project, with the project team and I was running the commercial and procurement side and we were buying parachutes for special forces and their insertion into airfields.

It's not just about buying the parachutes themselves, there is a whole bunch of operational testing that needs to be done as well.

That was certainly something that was quite unique and really exciting to be a part of.

It was also a really good outcome from a project perspective and the procurement aspect attached to the project.

So now that we know a little bit more about procurement and what it is, you may be asking yourself is this for me?

If that is the case and you are a recent university graduate or will be graduating soon you may want to consider applying for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Procurement Graduate Programme.

This is what we did last year.

Our procurement graduate programme is structured uniquely across government.

So you come on board for 2 years and you get 4 rotations at different government agencies which is great, because it allows you to experience different operating environments and different agencies with different purposes.

We also put you through some study which we subsidise, towards a procurement qualification.

The feedback we have from the grad programme so far is that the people who are coming out the other end of it are incredibly employable and really desirable in procurement jobs already.

To find out more information about the Procurement Graduate Programme contact us today.

www.procurement.govt.nz nzpa@mbie.govt.nz

Programme details

  • Two-year programme; three to four placements across our partner government agencies.
  • Professional skills development through mentoring, a buddy programme, networking events and training.
  • Opportunities in both Auckland and Wellington.


  • Fast track programme growing your expertise in procurement and honing your commercial and relationship management skills.
  • Work on interesting and high-value projects and gain a breadth of practical experiences in procurement across different sectors eg ICT, infrastructure and health.
  • Exposure to a wide network of experienced procurement professionals.
  • Competitive salary.

Our partner agencies

We partner with a growing group of agencies to offer placements.

Some of the government agencies our graduates have had placements include:

  • ACC
  • Auckland Transport
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • Housing New Zealand
  • Inland Revenue
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • New Zealand Defence
  • NZ Health Partnerships

Who should apply

We are open to students from a variety of degrees and tertiary backgrounds. You need to be a recent graduate, or a student in your final year of study in 2018 and have the right to live and work in New Zealand.

We are looking for talent who:

  • can easily adapt and work fluidly in fast-paced, ever-changing environments 
  • are engaging, dynamic and eager to learn
  • can demonstrate leadership skills and are solutions-focused thinkers.

How to apply

Applications are now closed and will reopen in early May 2019. Register your interest by creating a profile on MBIE’s careers site.

MBIE Careers

Other information

Visit Careers New Zealand for information on the procurement industry

For more information about the programme, email graduate.enquiries@mbie.govt.nz.