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Get involved

Procurement for the future is an ambitious programme of work to transform the way procurement works across government.

To be successful in building a system that delivers great value for the public and meets the priorities and demands of government, we need to partner with stakeholders in procurement.

We have a range of exciting events and opportunities coming up, where you can get involved and help shape the future of government procurement.

If you’d like to get involved or just want to learn more about the programme, email the Procurement for the future team.

Help design procurement for the future

We're hosting a series of design workshops to tap into agency and supplier experience and expertise, to help us put shape to many of the solutions that will help deliver the Government’s procurement for the future strategy.

These events will focus on designing solutions by bringing partially formed ideas to the table for your input and ideas. This means everyone can input to an idea early on before decisions get made.


We've designed things a bit differently – to give you maximum choice over what you input into and how much of your time you invest.

We'll be using an open space approach in the CoLabs – running conversations on three topics at the same time, and using the 'rule of two feet'.

The 'rule of two feet'? We’ll be encouraging participants to move between topics, as they choose. This means that when you feel like you’re no longer contributing, or getting value from one topic, you can simply move to a different one, or break away, grab a drink and chat with others – this can often be a space where great ideas are born.

The 'rule of two feet' approach even means you can simply leave, when you’re ready to, and get back to your day.

The online version of the CoLab schedules each of the three sessions in sequence, offering you the option to pick and choose which ones you attend.

Concept labs

We’ll also be hosting more traditional single-topic collaboration events where we want the same group of participants to focus on related topics in a sequential fashion.

Register for an event

Register for our August CoLabs

Any questions?

If you would like to discuss anything before registering your interest, email the Procurement for the future team.

We're keen to have you be a part of these exciting CoLabs to help design the changes required to improve government procurement of the future.