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The strategy

Our vision is for New Zealand’s government procurement to be fair, transparent, inclusive, and efficient. It will deliver more value to New Zealanders and respond to changing government priorities.

With an annual spend upwards of $51.5 billion, we can use government procurement to drive changes. These changes include supporting climate change goals, working with a more diverse range of businesses and improving conditions and wages for workers. The strategy can help deliver greater public value across the procurement system.

Cabinet identified three focus areas to reposition our procurement system. Addressing these interrelated areas helps us achieve this ambitious vision. Each area has short term priorities over the next six and 24 months to set up longer term ambitions to 2030.

Data and transparency

Moving the procurement system from poor data collection, limited transparency with incompatible technology and no agreed standards to an integrated e-procurement system that produces high quality data and insights.

Digital platforms and tools are critical to this move. A one-stop-shop procurement platform, where information, tools and opportunities are accessible, timely and targeted, will make it easier for agencies and suppliers to do work together and do business. Metrics will be created to assess system performance and inform decisions and behaviours across government. These metrics improve accountability and transparency of government procurement and show how public value is achieved.

Working together as one

Shifting the procurement system from distributed leadership and siloed working towards improved central oversight and leadership, with government as 'one customer', can improve how the system works.

Creating leadership models in the procurement system at the sector level allows agencies to share insights into their sectors and guide the behaviours and practices of agencies and suppliers. This improves delivery, adopts more innovative and flexible practices, and co-ordinates activities where it makes sense.

Unlocking value

Building a system where capacity and capability are coordinated will make procurement a great and rewarding experience. To achieve this goal, the unlocking value focus area wants to shift away from a procurement system that focuses on compliance and sourcing.

Day-to-day procurement processes, practices, and behaviours will be lifted and improved so that government procurement delivers the best possible value for New Zealand. The professional capability of procurement professionals can be lifted to improve business practices and our ability to meet government priorities and outcomes.