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Data and transparency

This focus area aims to move the system from one of poor data, limited transparency with incompatible technology and no agreed standards to; an integrated e-procurement system enabling high quality data and insights.

Digital platforms and tools are critical to the digital transformation of the procurement system. Creating a one-stop-shop e-procurement ecosystem where information, tools and opportunities are all accessible, timely and targeted, makes it easier for agencies and suppliers to do business.

Metrics to help assess how well the procurement system is performing are essential to driving better decisions and behaviours across government, improving accountability and increasing the transparency of public value achieved.

Progress on data and transparency

  • A Request for Information (RFI) to providers of digital procurement software was completed in February to inform and enhance the functional requirements for digital procurement tools.
  • We are developing a visual library to improve the user experience across the suite of procurement tools in use and to guide the design of future tools to ensure there is a consistent look and feel.
  • We are developing an interim dashboard to provide an early view of procurement spend. It will be presented to key stakeholders by the end of 2022. We’re also developing a plan for the progressive rollout of further system metrics to enable all stakeholders to gain insights about procurement performance.
  • The outcomes of our agency engagement workshops, relating to the NZGP digital strategy and Procurement Catalogue System (PCS) project were published in September (Procurement Catalogue System Agency workshop report - September 2022).
  • The project team have continued validating the e-Procurement system business requirements, across the system, and are preparing a further business requirements validation workshop with agency and supplier representatives to finalise these. The team is progressing the detailed procurement planning for this, which is expected to go to market later this calendar year.