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Using the IT hardware contract

This page provides step by step instructions on how to use the All-of-Government (AoG) IT hardware contract. You may also find additional resources on this page.

​​Using this contract

  • 1
    Assess your suppliers

    Assess the panel of suppliers and identify the brands of products available. You can purchase any product that is within the scope of the contract and can purchase from any panel supplier at any time. You don't need to select a single supplier.

  • 2
    Determine your needs

    You should consider:

    • The category of product you wish to purchase
    • If you have a brand of product you prefer
    • If the type of supplier you purchase from is important, eg manufacturer, reseller or retailer
    • Supplier delivery timeframes
    • Service level agreements
    • Price
  • 3
    Contact suppliers

    Request a quote from your chosen supplier(s). We recommend you talk to more than one supplier to discuss your requirements. You can then compare price and non-price aspects before making a decision.

  • 4

    The supplier will be able to advise you on the ordering process when you are ready to purchase. You will need to issue a purchase order either online or through the agreed process. You should discuss delivery requirements with the supplier at the time of purchase.

    End of process

Third party agents

Agencies participating in the IT hardware contract can appoint a third party agent (TPA) to purchase through the contract on their behalf.

TPAs provide expert advice and guidance on the purchase of IT goods and services, consolidation of ordering, reporting and invoicing, and analysis of your agency's IT requirements.

You can nominate as many TPAs as you wish and should assess your options and select TPAs that best suit your agency's requirements. You may choose to appoint a local supplier as a TPA.

The TPA may require access to commercially sensitive information, such as supplier prices and contact details. You should share this information with them on a need-to-know basis only and ensure you have appropriate confidentiality agreements in place (in addition to the non-disclosure agreement we may ask them to sign). You should never provide the TPA with your login details to the secure content of this website.

To nominate a TPA, you need to be participating in the IT hardware agreement and you need to complete a third-party nomination form, and return it to us by emailing the IT hardware team.

AoG IT hardware Third party agent (TPA) nomination form - Contract resources

Commitments and responsibilities of TPAs

Commitment Responsibility
TPAs must act in your agency's best interests.
  • Any other contractual arrangements a TPA may have are superseded when they act for you as a TPA under the AoG arrangement.
TPAs should not add a mark-up to AoG IT hardware prices.
  • The price you pay for the product should be the AoG price.
  • A TPA may (in agreement with a participating agency) add a service fee associated with the purchase of purchased products (see below).
Any service charges agreed with a TPA should fall outside the AoG agreement.
  • While a TPA may offer additional services these charges should fall outside of the AoG arrangement.
  • All services and any associated charges should be agreed prior to these being undertaken, to avoid any uncertainty.
  • All charges should be transparent and the AoG price made obvious eg charges disclosed as separate line items on invoices.
Appointing a TPA does not restrict which AoG IT hardware suppliers you can purchase from.
  • You can purchase from any of the panel suppliers or appoint any TPA to purchase products for you under the IT hardware agreement.
  • TPAs should disclose any restraints they may have in accessing AoG products (if applicable).
  • Discuss with each potential TPA what products and services they can provide as part of your due diligence process. This ensures that you appoint a TPA that best meets your needs.
Ensure that your TPA clearly understands and acknowledges their responsibilities in acting on your behalf.
  • Participating agencies are required to purchase all in-scope products from the AoG panel suppliers.
  • Any AoG purchases that a TPA makes on your behalf should be for the sole benefit of your organisation only.
Put in place a Confidentiality Agreement between your organisation and your TPA.
  • All information shared under the auspice of the AoG IT hardware contract is only to be used for your agency’s use/benefit. A TPA cannot use the information for any other purpose.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that both your organisation and your appointed TPA have processes in place to ensure that AoG information remains confidential.
Provide the reference for any product quote to your TPA to allow them sufficient time to purchase the products on your behalf.
  • All quotes are valid for a minimum of 14 days (unless otherwise agreed with the supplier). It is your responsibility to ensure that your TPA is given sufficient time to complete the purchase within this timeframe.

Contract resources

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