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​​Creating a new syndicated contract

​If you can't find a current contract that meets your needs, you might want to create a new syndicated contract.

Note: The process outlined on this page is for new open syndicated contracts. Closed syndicated contracts don't need approval from us - although if the whole of life costs are more than $5 million, you'll need to follow the significant procurement plans process in Rule 22.

You can set up a new syndicated contract either as an individual agency, or as a group of agencies. Either way, you'll need to identify a lead agency who'll develop, implement and maintain the contract.

There are three stages to setting up a new syndicated contract:

1. Plan

The lead agency needs to get approval from us to establish an open syndicated contract. Get in touch with us as early as possible.

We'll meet with you to discuss feasibility and the overall approach, then you need to submit your procurement plan to us. We'll get endorsement from Collaborative Procurement Advisory Group and/or the Functional Leaders, then give approval to continue.

Contact us

2. Source

The lead agency will develop the tender documents and draft agreement. We'll approve all documents before you go to market.

3. Manage

The lead agency develops an evaluation report and draft contract, and sends it to us for approval. After we've approved it, you can sign the contract.

Once the contract's been signed, it will be listed in the contracts register on our website. All ongoing management of the contract will be the lead agency's responsibility.

Open syndication contractual relationships diagram procurement