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Contracting and supplier management

Focusing on increasing coordination between agencies, improving relationship management with key strategic suppliers and creating a sector leadership model. This should build stronger accountability and decision-making and reduce the cost of doing business with government.

By developing tools that help agencies coordinate with each other, this channel can reduce the cost of doing business with government, leading to greater value for everyone. This connected 'one government' approach will mean stronger communication and earlier engagement between agencies and with suppliers. Suppliers will receive greater support and incentives for improving practice and meeting government priorities.

A new sector leadership approach will incentivise agencies to work together across significant areas of common expenditure. It will help improve procurement practice, strengthen accountability, and better use specialist knowledge and skills across the public sector. This will help government procurement achieve greater value for New Zealand and become a client of choice for suppliers.

Progress and plans

Sector leadership

We're consulting with agencies and suppliers on the next phase of operational design for sector leadership. The detailed design work will involve key stakeholders from certain sectors, particularly those that are most likely to be early adopters of any resulting model.

Strategic supplier relationship management and next generation collaborative contracts

The analysis of outputs from last year’s Concept Labs is due shortly. We'll be sharing the outputs with attendees and publishing a summary of the work later in February. These half-day labs resulted in close to 30 agency and 50 supplier representatives contributing, with the outputs helping to inform the early-stage design work for these two projects.

A big shout out to those of you who either contributed to one of these workshops or covered for a colleague while they attended. We appreciate it.