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Office supplies broader outcomes

The government has made it a priority to reduce waste from the goods and services it buys.

This is supported by the Government Procurement Rules, which designates office supplies contracts as a priority focus for reducing waste. For more information including a guidance document on reducing waste from office supplies, see the reducing emissions and waste page.

Reducing emissions and waste

See below for details of specific waste reduction initiatives.

Cartridge recycling

Croxley Recycling collects used cartridges for recycling. Any business, individual or organisation in New Zealand can order a Croxley Recycling collection box for a minimal fee to be collected once the box is full.

More information on this recycling programme can be found on the Croxley Recycling website.

Croxley Recycling

Toner cartridge recycling programme is also available through NXP. NXP's recycling partner, Close the Loop, provides a free collection service for used cartridges and associated consumables from all major manufacturers. For more information, please visit the Close the Loop website.

Collection register - Close the Loop

Cleaning chemicals

Talk with your supplier about how you can support waste reduction when purchasing cleaning chemicals. It is important to consider the ‘cost per use’ with chemicals. It’s not just about the volume you are purchasing but rather how long the product will last. How concentrated is the product and how efficient is the dispenser? Also consider cleaning chemicals available in larger pack sizes to reduce the packaging to product ratio. Alsco, a supplier in the cleaning and hygiene category, will collect empty 5 and 20 litre containers for reuse or recycling.

Compostable cups

Government agencies have historically purchased millions of foam cups through the All-of-Government office supplies agreement. Last year, several northern district health boards (DHBs) decided to lead the way to find a solution to eliminate this petrochemical-based waste from going to landfill.

Both NXP and OfficeMax worked directly with the DHBs to find a suitable replacement to foam cups. The replacement needed to be able to be commercially composted, meet size and temperature specifications and health and safety requirements, and be priced comparably.

Pricing on compostable cups has been a challenge in the past given the premium placed on this type of product and the low demand. NXP and OfficeMax have been able to leverage the volumes of the large DHBs in order to achieve pricing on par with foam cups. This pricing is offered to all participating agencies no matter what volume is purchased.

Auckland DHB will be diverting over 2 million foam cups from landfill each year – quite an achievement!

If your agency would like to order compostable cups, please get in touch with your supplier for ordering details.

E-waste recycling

TechCollect is New Zealand’s first free dedicated e-waste recycling service.

Delivered via the OfficeMax retail network, TechCollect provides access to convenient, secure, responsible and free recycling of e-waste.

To date OfficeMax have recycled 21 tonnes of e-waste - equivalent to 3.5 African Elephants!

To get involved, please contact your OfficeMax Account Manager.

Carbon emissions

OfficeMax have worked with Toitū Envirocare to develop a tool to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of all outgoing freight.

The freight carbon emissions calculator works out the emissions based on:

  • Consignment weight
  • Delivery distance and route
  • Vehicle used

If your agency would like a freight emissions report, speak to your OfficeMax Account Manager. For more information view the managing freight efficiently page on the OfficeMax website.

Managing freight efficiently — OfficeMax

Sustainable photocopy paper

Carbon neutral and recycled photocopy paper are existing paper choices available from all suppliers within the key office supplies category.

OfficeMax, a supplier to the key office supplies category, has sold 485,000 reams of OfficeMax multipurpose carbon neutral photocopy paper through this contract in the last 12 months. This is the equivalent of 1,121 cars off the road, per year. In addition to this, from March 2020, the OfficeMax multipurpose carbon neutral paper will come in plastic-free copy paper wrap, reducing plastic waste in the packaging of this product and making it 100% recyclable.

All of the carbon neutral paper available through NXP, another supplier to the key office supplies category, is certified in accordance with the Australian government’s National Carbon Offset Standard. NXP sold a total of 636,000 reams of carbon neutral photocopy paper to government agencies in 2019. In addition, 17% of the total photocopy paper purchased through NXP was made with a component of post-consumer recycled waste.

To look at sustainable photocopy paper options for your agency, please contact your supplier representative for the key office supplies category.