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Office furniture broader outcomes

The government has made it a priority to reduce waste from the goods and services it buys.

The panel of office furniture suppliers will work with you to support your agency’s sustainability goals. They can explore options to repurpose and reuse your existing office furniture, to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

See below for case studies from the office furniture suppliers.


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

Vidak was able to support MBIE’s move towards activity based working by converting standard desk stations into sit-to-stand desks. The existing tech adjust legs on the engage workstation system were removed and replaced with sit-to-stand legs. Repurposing the existing workstations resulted in less waste to landfill and was more economical than purchasing brand new workstations.


New Zealand Customs Service

Aspect partnered with New Zealand Customs Service to convert large amounts of existing corner workstations into straight desks. They were able to repurpose almost all components whilst allowing New Zealand Customs Service to align with the Government National Property Strategy (GNPS) principles. This is a good example of reusing existing furniture rather than disposal or recycling.

Government National Property Strategy (GNPS) principles


Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

LINZ outlined a brief that had clear economic and sustainable requirements. Europlan helped LINZ convert six floors from a fixed height desking system to electric height adjustable. This meant they were able to reuse the existing desk tops and cable trays. The old aluminium and steel components were recycled through a metal recycler. This initiative has achieved successful outcomes for this project in managing the lowest possible carbon footprint and minimal waste throughout the furniture life cycle.

Packaging was reused project to project and when it became no longer useful, was recycled appropriately. Blanket wrapping was Europlan’s primary form of transport protection ensuring reduced use of cardboard.