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Using the motor vehicles contract

This page provides step by step instructions on how to use the All-of-Government (AoG) motor vehicles contract. You may also find additional resources on this page.

Using this contract

  • 1
    Assess your needs

    When deciding on the best vehicle choice for your agency, you should consider the following questions:

    • How will this vehicle be used? ie short or long trips. Passengers or cargo?
    • What environment will the vehicle predominantly be used in? ie urban, open road or off-road.
    • How many passengers will it need to cater for?
    • Are there any specific vehicle requirements within your health and safety or Human Resources policies that need to be considered? 
  • 2
    Review the vehicles catalogue and select your vehicle(s)

    You can use the motor vehicles catalogue to compare vehicles across:

    • vehicle details (class, sub-class, make, model, TCO rankings, body-style, fuel, and transmission options)
    • vehicle capability
    • safety
    • other specifications
    • dealer network
    • standard costs
    • optional costs
    • common accessory options
    • operational costs (for comparison purposes only)
    • future buy-back

    The vehicles catalogue also lists vehicle maintenance and servicing options including warranties and service plans. These are optional extras which are available through the vehicles catalogue at the time of purchase.

    Contract resources

  • 3
    Contact the supplier and place an order

    Contact the relevant supplier in the first instance (not the local dealer) and place an order using the Purchase Order template.

  • 4
    Collect your vehicle(s) from your local dealer

    Although the local dealer is not part of the sale transaction, your vehicle is still delivered via your local dealer. The local dealer is also paid to conduct pre-delivery servicing, which includes the initial WOF, warranty check and groom.

    This creates the initial relationship and links your agency's vehicle to its local dealer for on-going servicing and maintenance. 

    End of process

Vehicle maintenance and servicing

Agencies should ensure the vehicle is serviced at the supplier’s service centre (eg dealership) in accordance with the vehicle’s service schedule. Service intervals are listed in the vehicles catalogue.

This will help ensure the vehicle is kept in good, safe condition and checked by qualified service specialists. It is also an obligation under the terms of the vehicle warranty; the supplier will have no liability under the warranty for any problem arising as a result of any repairs, replacements or installation of parts that are not carried out by the supplier, or in accordance with the supplier's servicing requirements.

To assist agencies the following optional extras are available through the vehicles catalogue at the time of vehicle purchase. 


Agencies have the option of purchasing an extended warranty when placing orders for vehicles. Suppliers must provide a three-year/100,000km warranty as a minimum with the option to extend to a four-year/ 100,000km warranty, although this can be at an additional cost to the agency. Some suppliers are offering five-year and six-year warranty options. Agencies should consider their vehicle replacement cycle when deciding whether or not extended warranties are needed.

Service Plans

Agencies have the option of purchasing a service plan when placing orders for vehicles. The service plans:

  • differ between suppliers and vehicle models
  • are included in the additional optional purchase costs section of the vehicles catalogue
  • only cover the time and labour of a scheduled service – parts and any repairs are an additional cost to the agency.

A table summarising the warranties and service plans offered by each supplier can be found in Contract resources

Off-catalogue purchases

The vehicles catalogue should meet your agency's needs most of the time. If you have a specific requirement that is not covered by the options available in the vehicles catalogue, please contact us or one of the contracted suppliers for assistance with sourcing an off-catalogue vehicles.

For more information about contracted suppliers' off-catalogue discounts please email the Motor vehicles team.

Non-contracted suppliers

Non-contracted suppliers may contact you with offers from time to time. Please let us know if this happens so that we can better manage the contract and its ongoing development.


  • the creation of this contract was through an open tender process
  • non-contracted suppliers had the same opportunity to secure a place as the panel of contracted suppliers, but decided not to bid or were unsuccessful at the time
  • typical reasons for a supplier not being selected are vehicles not meeting required standards (safety, emissions or other), the supplier offering a limited range of vehicles and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) not being as competitive as the successful suppliers.

Contract resources

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