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IT hardware broader outcomes

The government has made it a priority to achieve broader outcomes that go beyond the immediate purchase of goods and services.

See below for details on how the IT hardware contract can be used to reduce freight emissions and waste.


Suppliers are working towards increasing the proportion of their product catalogue that comes in fully recyclable packaging.

If agencies are fitting out an office with monitors and desk-mounted monitor arms, the IT hardware suppliers can facilitate the supply of monitors without desk stands (“head only”) to reduce waste. Doing so reduces the cost of the monitor(s) and saves on freight emissions as there is less weight to transport.

Manufacturers also offer options for bulk packaging when ordering items in quantity. This option of bulk packaging can significantly reduce the amount of packaging required to ship goods, therefore reducing waste.

Environmental certifications

Suppliers are working towards increasing the proportion of their product catalogue that complies with environmental and energy certifications like Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), Energy Star and TCO Certified.

Freight emissions

One way of reducing emissions and costs is to have goods shipped to New Zealand using sea freight rather than air freight. This option requires forward planning, as it can take four to six weeks longer than air freight, and there may be a minimum order quantity. Talk to your supplier about your requirements.

Supplier specific broader outcomes and additional benefits

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