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Satisfying work helping agencies understand new travel contracts

travel expo christchurch 2019
Travel Expo in Christchurch

NZGPP staff have just wound up presentations to 120 agency staff to help them save money, reduce their vehicle emissions profile and make use of new technology, as part of a three-city Travel Management Expo.

The Expos were held on 7 May in Wellington, 9 May in Auckland and 14 May in Christchurch.

Angela Xygalas, Director Delivery Services in NZGPP says, “Travel is a major factor for many organisations. Despite many changes such as virtual meetings and tele-conferencing; face-to-face work, or moving goods and services around, it is still a big part of agency spend. We have launched the second generation of two contracts that really will deliver huge benefits for government agencies, and we are really proud to show-case their advantages.”

For example the new All-of-Government (AoG) travel management services (TMS) contract, which comes into effect on 26 June, gives agencies a full range of services and pricing options, tailored to agencies’ business travel requirements. Through five nationwide providers, the contract can help people take advantage of AI travel assistance, get feedback in real time on cost/savings of different travel choices and achieve value for money! We expect up to 10 percent savings for most users in the first year.

Angela Xygalas  Director Delivery Services

Procurement specialist Paige Wong assisted at all three locations. She added, “We also wanted to help agencies embed the All-of-Government (AoG) rental vehicles contract which went live in March. These two new generation contracts will also help agencies to deliver broader outcomes through their procurement – like reducing their vehicle emissions profiles or air travel emissions footprint".

Other staff who made the Expo happen were: Chris Peacock, Peter Clark, Cass Kinghan and MC Mike Kingston. Annual sustainability workshops will also be held to leverage learnings from industry experts and identify future opportunities.

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