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Launch of the new All-of-Government talent acquisition services

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We’ve launched the new All-of-Government (AoG) talent acquisition services (TAS) contract. TAS offers agencies specialist recruitment services from a panel of experienced providers.

The external recruitment services (ERS) contract is coming to the end of its life and will expire on 19 September 2023. You can use the TAS contract from 12 June 2023 for all job placements (permanent temporary, payroll and contractors) once the joining process is completed.

Use the joining form on our website to sign up to TAS.

Talent acquisition services joining form

The new contract aims to attract, select and retain talent. There’s a strong focus on post-placement care and performance management of candidates. TAS applies plain English throughout the contract documentation to make it easy-to-use and navigate. There’s more information on contract benefits and features on our website.

Talent acquisition services contract

The provider panel increased by just over 50% from 41 to 63 providers, including 6 Māori-owned businesses. The providers offer agencies:

  • quick and easy engagement for recruitment services,
  • increased visibility of spend and supplier performance, and
  • delivering public value through their various commercial models.

TAS covers Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Agencies can use the Online Panel Directory (OPD) to select pre-qualified providers. In areas with limited coverage, agencies can use panel or off-panel providers. Email us first to discuss.

Online Panel Directory

This contract doesn’t cover consultants. The AoG consultancy services contract offers this service across specific market categories and sub-categories.

Consultancy services