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​​Sourcing social services

​What you need to do to get the right organisations providing services for your social services procurement.

Sourcing providers for any procurement

Detailed information on sourcing providers for any procurement is in Guide to procurement - Source section of our website.


You'll find out how to:

  • approach the provider community
  • answer provider questions
  • evaluate offers
  • conduct due diligence
  • negotiate and award contracts
  • debrief providers


Extra information specific to social services procurements is below.

For social services procurements, you should also:

Use the social services contract templates and tools

Use the contract templates and tools within the Streamlined Contracting Framework when contracting with NGO providers.

Download the templates

Make it a longer-term contract unless there's a good reason not to

Short-term contracts (one to three years) cause a lot of issues in the social sector. Longer-term contracts of three to five years generally help to support good relationships and continuous improvement.

Short-term contracts are suitable when:

  • the service or activity is truly of limited duration
  • the Government has announced a change of policy
  • there is uncertainty about the ability of the supplier to deliver.

Decide how long the contract will run