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Rule 54:

Sets out that agencies must keep records for audit purposes.

  1. An agency must keep records (Rule 52) for audit purposes.

What to expect from an audit

Agencies are accountable to Parliament and the public for their use of public resources and the powers conferred by Parliament.

The Auditor-General provides independent assurance that agencies are operating and accountable for their performance. For more information, see Audit New Zealand’s guide All about audits.(external link)

Auditing procurements involving an alliance or joint venture with the private sector

When entering into any form of joint venture or alliance with the private sector, you should include provisions in the contracts or agreements allowing access for auditing purposes to all records of procurement undertaken by the partnering. The contract provisions should enable access by the public sector entity’s own internal auditor and any other person undertaking audit or review on behalf of the Auditor-General.