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Rule 62:
Public Private Partnerships

Explains who an agency should engage with if considering a Public Private Partnership.

  1. Agencies considering Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement must:
    1. consult with the Treasury PPP Team early in the development of the project’s business case;
    2. follow relevant Treasury guidance and instructions;
    3. involve the Treasury PPP Team in the economic and financial assessment and advice to Ministers;
    4. invite the Treasury PPP Team to participate in relevant project steering and working groups, and in the selection panels for all key PPP advisor appointments;
    5. use the Treasury’s Standard Form PPP Project Agreement as the basis for any contract and consult with the Treasury PPP Team over any proposed modifications.

These are available at www.treasury.govt.nz/ppp

More information on Public Private Partnerships

A Public Private Partnership is a long-term contract for the delivery of a service, where the service involves the construction of a new asset or infrastructure (eg a prison) or enhancing an existing asset. The project is privately financed on a non-recourse basis and full legal ownership is retained by The Crown.

The role of the PPP Team at the Treasury is to support agencies undertaking PPP projects. It provides consistency across projects and maintains the government’s integrity in how it implements these types of arrangements.

For more information on PPPs go to www.treasury.govt.nz/ppp