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Guide 3:
Reduce vehicle numbers in your fleet

After you analyse your needs and work with your organisation to promote all travel options, you may find there are opportunities to reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet.

Areas to look at include:

  • Gaps in use – Are there any vehicles that are not used regularly and/or are ready for disposal? Are cars really required where they are used for trips of under 10km in urban areas and other transport such as taxis, buses and ride share apps are available?
  • Older vehicles – Vehicles that are eight years or older have a significant impact on an agency’s emissions profile. You can find the oldest vehicle age on the Government fleet emissions dashboard.
  • Inefficiently used vehicles – If you have vehicles you don’t use very often, consider trading them for a smaller number of shared or pool vehicles. If you have larger vehicles and you don’t need the extra seating or capacity, consider trading them in for smaller ones with lower emissions. Benchmark the vehicle utilisation rate across your fleet and set targets to improve this.
  • Occasional need for specialist functions – If 4WD capability, towing or other specialist functionality is only needed occasionally, consider hiring vehicles for those trips as this may be a practical and cost-effective option to avoid high-emission vehicles being used regularly for ordinary trips.