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To access the Procurement online service, you need a RealMe login. If you've used a RealMe login somewhere else, you can use it here too. If you don't already have a username and password, just select Login and choose to create one.

What's RealMe?

To log in to this service you need a RealMe login.

This service uses RealMe login to secure and protect your personal information.

RealMe login is a service from the New Zealand government that includes a single login, letting you use one username and password to access a wide range of services online.

Find out more at www.realme.govt.nz.

Guide 10:
Changing your organisation’s culture

Engage staff early and often in the transition journey and get buy-in from senior management.

It’s natural for people to resist change and some staff may be reluctant to drive an electric vehicle. Feedback from organisations which have already implemented electric vehicles highlights the importance of engaging staff early and often in the transition journey. They report that previously reluctant drivers changed their view after experiencing an electric vehicle for themselves.

Encourage senior management to use electric vehicles anytime they need to drive somewhere. This is a great way to demonstrate leadership and drive the transition to electric vehicles.