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If you work for an agency or supplier, sign up for our CoLabs to have your say on the three June topics.

Upcoming events


  • Tuesday 20 June, 9am to 12pm – The Royal Society, Thorndon, Wellington


  • Thursday 22 June, 10am to 10:50am – Strategic supplier relationship management
  • Thursday 22 June, 2pm to 2:50pm – Procurement platform
  • Wednesday 28 June, 10am to 10:50am – Capability uplift

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Strategic supplier relationship management framework

The initiative could see significant changes in how the relationship with key suppliers (to government) are managed.

At our May CoLab we discussed the background to this initiative. We presented some initial thinking about the criteria for strategic suppliers.

In this session, we‘ll be looking for input into the framework for strategic supplier management. What could it look like and how would it work?

Procurement platform – Input into the detailed requirements

Developing a one-stop shop procurement platform will simplify working with procurement teams across government. It will reduce administration tasks for everyone and make it easier to do business with government. The platform will increase the ability for suppliers to work seamlessly with agencies.

In this session, we’ll be working on aspects of the design for the new procurement platform solution. We’ll be looking to tease out and test the various use-cases for suppliers and agencies.

How do we support supplier capability uplift?

What can we do to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are less experienced with government procurement? How can we help them be better prepared and equipped to take part in the system?

What capability gaps prevent SMEs and Māori businesses from taking part in government procurement processes?

In this session, we’ll explore how government agencies can support SMEs and Māori businesses get ready for government procurement. We’re keen to hear what initiatives could help them build capability, prepare for tenders and win contract awards.