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Procurement graduates drive government electric vehicle (EV) uptake

Part of: All-of-Government Procurement news Vehicles

Procurement graduates on placement with New Zealand Government Procurement (NZGP) are driving for change on the All-of-Government motor vehicles contract.

graduates standing in front of an electric vehicle

Procurement graduates drive government electric vehicle uptake

Aidan Kelly and Chris Rogers led a project to increase the number of electric vehicle suppliers to the contract used by government agencies when purchasing vehicles.

"We were given the opportunity to work on something that has potential to make a meaningful impact and influence the market in New Zealand," Aidan says.

"It's been a real eye-opener when you think about what change can be achieved at scale here in government," Chris says. "It was also a great opportunity to learn how to run a robust sourcing process, and gain invaluable experience from doing so."

It's great that the government wants to demonstrate leadership by reducing the emissions of its own fleet to zero, where practical, by 2025/26. But in order to do that, more agencies need to choose electric vehicles, and the reality is there are still a lot of barriers for them to overcome. Our job in NZGP was to make it easier for them to choose low emission options.

Chris Rogers

"EVs are new technology and more and more are coming onto the market all the time," Aidan says. "So it's important that the contract is continually updated to reflect the latest offerings."

We expect that by giving agencies more choice in electric vehicles, we will start to see transport emissions drop across government so that the government can achieve its goal of a zero carbon future.

Aidan Kelly

Aidan and Chris are part of NZGP’s procurement graduate programme. Graduates are placed in agencies across government, and receive support and training in procurement over a two-year programme created to develop tomorrow's procurement leaders.