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Procurement for the future March CoLabs

We’re hosting a series of design workshops called CoLabs to help us deliver the Government’s procurement for the future strategy.

This is an exciting opportunity for agencies and suppliers to help us shape the future of government procurement.

Our March CoLabs will be in person at a central Wellington location between 9am and 12pm on Tuesday 14 March and online from 2pm to 4pm on Thursday 16 March.

Find out more about CoLabs and the procurement for the future programme:

Get involved

Register your interest

To join us, please complete our registration form before 5pm, Friday 3 March.

Participate in a procurement for the future CoLab – Wufoo

We’ll be in touch by Tuesday 7 March to confirm final attendance.

If you'd like to discuss anything before registering, email the Procurement for the future team.

The topics

Sector leadership – How could a sector lead work with agencies and suppliers?

Sector leadership would see the appointment of new sector leads to work alongside agencies in key sectors, for example, construction to: 

  • coordinate some procurement activity
  • provide a sector voice
  • connect stakeholders with one another and with key sector expertise.

While still at the concept stage, we think that effective sector leadership would lead to better operational delivery, innovation, risk management, and market capability and resilience, within certain sectors.

We’ll discuss key functions of a sector lead and hear your thoughts on how this could operate in practice. Your ideas will be used to inform our policy development process for a sector leadership model of government procurement.

Procurement for the future programme benefit realisation

We’ve developed a draft benefit realisation plan for the procurement for the future programme. But are we measuring the right things? How best do we assess the performance of the programme?

We’re keen to test our draft plan with you, to invite some rigorous scrutiny and to hear your comments.   

We’ll discuss the draft high-level measures (key performance indicators) for the procurement for the future programme and hear your thoughts on the 11 draft areas. This will help inform what fine-tuning of the draft plan is needed.

Procurement platform – Improving the consultancy services order process

Thousands of suppliers and their agency clients regularly deal with consultancy services orders (CSO), and other similar processes, as part of secondary procurement processes (for example, procurement via All-of-Government (AoG) supplier panels).

We’re in the market for a new procurement platform solution. This includes the improvement of secondary procurement, which these CSO processes are a part of. While requirements have been published, we know that this CSO space offers a prime opportunity for a rethink and redesign. We want to explore this area more, before a provider comes on board.

We’ll focus on improving how AoG consultancy services orders are initiated and used throughout each engagement – and identify improvements (including digitalisation ideas) to make it easier and quicker for suppliers and agencies to start a project once the decision to contract has been made. 

Your ideas will add directly to the procurement platform project and form part of the requirements for the solution-provider contracted to run this in a future development phase.