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Procurement for the future April concept labs

Join us for the latest in our ongoing series of procurement for the future collaboration events, this time focussing on procurement capability.

This is an exciting opportunity for agencies and suppliers to help us shape the future of government procurement, specifically about the future of procurement capability and what good might look like.

These concept labs are part of a number of design workshops during 2023 where agencies and suppliers will be offered the opportunity to come together and help design the changes needed to improve government procurement.

You have the choice of five concept labs:

  1. Wednesday 12 April, 9am to 12pm – online
  2. Thursday 13 April, 9am to 12pm – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, 45 Queen Street, Auckland Central
  3. Tuesday 18 April, 1pm to 4pm – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace, Wellington
  4. Wednesday 19 April, 9am to 12pm – online
  5. Wednesday 26 April, 9am to 12pm – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace, Wellington

Get involved in the procurement for the future programme

Register your interest

To join us, please complete our registration form before 5pm, Wednesday 29 March.

Procurement Capability Concept Labs April 2023

We’ll be in touch by 31 March to confirm final attendance.

If you’d like to discuss anything before registering, email the Procurement for the future team.

The procurement for the future capability - what good looks like

Explore supplier and provider views on what capabilities need developing, to deliver a more effective supplier and agency experience of government procurement. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on the future of procurement capability and what good might look like. We’re also interested in hearing about supplier and agency experiences and any challenges with the current state.

You should come if you're:

  • A supplier - your organisation’s representative(s) will join a group of peers with regular involvement in government procurement processes, from across the business and NGOs sector.
  • An agency - these concept labs will likely involve a blend of procurement and learning and development type conversations. So, we’re looking for people who have a good understanding of people development practices and understand procurement, even from a role outside of the procurement function. They might even suit your HR partner.

Topics we will cover

We’ll be defining the capability that is needed in the procurement system to ensure that the customer experience is efficient and effective. We’re particularly interested in:

  • supplier insights about the current levels of capability and practice they experience
  • what capabilities we should be developing and promoting across government teams (including technical and soft skills)
  • what support is needed to make it easier to navigate government procurement.

Developing procurement professional personas, including:

  • describing an ideal procurement person,
  • current capability gaps you see, including with your customers, their attributes, behaviours and motivations.
  • developing a high-level, system-wide, procurement capability roadmap.

Humankind are facilitating these concept labs and promise an engaging session that creates a safe and open opportunity for the group to explore these topics.

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